For twenty years, I have been a supportive presence for people while they sorted through some of the most difficult periods of their lives.  My clinical training, life experience, and commitment to my own psychological health and well-being give breadth and depth to how I work with my patients.  


My degrees include  a Master's in Counseling from Vanderbilt University as well as a Master's in Theological Studies from the Vanderbilt Divinity School.


I am described as grounded, authentic, and comforting by my patients and colleagues.  My approach to therapy takes a wide view perspective.  Without ruminating in the past, I listen to understand how your past affects your present struggles and work with you to live more fully in the present.




  • anxiety & depression
  • substance abuse
  • living with an addict
  • relationship issues
  • difficulty with intimacy
  • past or current abuse 
  • family of origin struggles
  • religion or spirituality
  • sexuality and gender
  • grief and loss, divorce
  • general issues of life 

  • dating and marital therapy
  • interracial couples
  • LGBT couples
  • parent child issues
  • sibling conflict

  • equine group