What to expect at your first visit

If you have never been to see a therapist before, the process can seem a little scary.  To help you feel more comfortable, I have some information on what your first visit with me will generally look like. 


When we set our appointment time up over the phone I will ask you to arrive at my office about 15 to 20 minutes early to give you time to fill out my initial paperwork.  My paperwork consists of basic information that I will need from you including contact info, reasons for seeking therapy, and your consent for me to treat you in the psychotherapy process. 


Once you have completed the paperwork and your appointment time arrives, I will come out and get you.  We will then go over the paperwork in my office and I will answer any questions that you might have about my training or how I do my work.  Issues that I will go over at this time include: payment, confidentiality, cancellations, and in between appointment phone calls, to name a few.


After this point you are free to share with me what has brought you in for therapy.  The first appointment is mainly for getting to know you and what is troubling you so that I can begin to get a sense of how to be helpful to you. 


At the end of the hour, which is 50 minutes, I will collect your payment and set our next appointment.